" Aim to serve the society
                             and humanity . . . "
Shri. Virender Sharma
      Call : 093161-00282
Why NS

Every Sunday morning one can witness a sea of humanity slowly moving to the New Public School, Behind Tagore Theatre, Sector-18 B, Chandigarh even before Sun rise. These people are all suffering from pain and have arrived to get treated by a faith healer. They come from far and near every Sunday. They have learnt of the healer’s “touch therapy” by word of mouth since no adverts have been ever introduced and yet their numbers have been swelling as time passes by. The man with the healing touch, the pleasant Mr. Virender Sharma Arrives unobtrusively with a bottle of special oil in his hand and a prayer on his lips and commences the ‘Healing Touch Therapy’ or ‘Spiritual Healing’ exactly at 8 AM in winters and 6 during summers. The patients, mostly suffering from cervical spondylosis, migraine, slip disc, sciatica, knee joint pains and arthritis etc who come in with pain walk away as contented individuals without the pain the moment the elderly Mr. Virender Sharma carries out his Touch therapy giving them instant relief.

Mr. Virender Sharma is by now well known in the region. Mr. Sharma is a retired engineer by profession and treats over 100 patients each Sunday and all for free, since the simple and unassuming Mr. Sharma has no greed for money. Says Mr. Sharma, “The Treatment’s power will be lowered if money is charged. I am happy that my services have also been recognized by the Indian Army. I have been conducting camps at army cantonments across the country and have also been honoured by the Army’s top brass.”
The Indian Army has been using his God given gift of treatment by inviting him to conduct treatment sessions in their cantonments. Some camps conducted by him for Indian Army are at HQ Western Command, Chandimandir, HQ 10 Corps and an Infantry division HQ at Jaipur, HQ Kota, HQ Mathura and HQ Bathinda. He agrees to travel to the army areas on invitation because his mission is to alleviate suffering of its officers and men. His popularity with the army stems from the fact that his treatment is fast, good and dependable.

Mr. Virender Sharma’s healing touch story is steeped in spirituality. Mr. Sharma was blessed by a saint (fakir) in 1972, who had the power to treat patients of these aliments. The same power has been bestowed on Mr. Virender Sharma by the fakir at the time of his demise. Ever since, he has truly devoted his given gift to the service of mankind. He also undertakes visit to outstations on request if the number of patients is over in number, all for free. Only his conveyance and boarding (if needed) has to be arranged.